The two most important assets - memory and focus

Memory and focus

We live in an age where information is constantly flowing and our attention is constantly being tested. In this maelstrom, memory and focus are two of the most important assets that help us not only to survive, but also to thrive.

Memory is not just a recorder of past events; it is a shaper of your personal story. It allows us to learn, grow and learn from experience. Memory is what holds our most precious moments in life and allows us to relive them again and again. It is the source of our wisdom and the lessons that will guide us in the future.

Focus is the force that guides our energy, decisions and actions. It's what helps us focus on what's important by filtering out extraneous noise. Focus enables us to achieve our goals and dreams by being fully committed to the moment and the task at hand. It's the key that opens doors to productivity and creativity.

Memory and focus are essential in everyday life. They help us to be more effective at work, more successful in our studies and more fulfilled in our personal lives. They are tools to help us navigate complex situations, make informed decisions and keep our relationships strong. Memory and focus are not just mental faculties, they are bridges that connect us to our goals and dreams.

Signs of poor memory and focus:

  • Forgetting: frequent forgetting, such as important events, appointments or deadlines, can be a sign of memory problems.
  • Difficulty remembering new information: problems remembering new information such as names, numbers or instructions.
  • Difficulty following instructions: difficulty understanding or remembering instructions, which can lead to errors or unfinished tasks.
  • Difficulty concentrating: inability tostay focused on a task for long periods of time or being easily distracted.
  • Confusion: often getting confused, even in familiar situations or when performing routine tasks.
  • Difficulty in making decisions: problems in making decisions or choices, especially if they require thinking or analysis.
  • Slowing of mental activity: reduced speed of thinking, reasoning or problem solving.
  • Losing things: regularly losing things like keys or a wallet.
  • Speech or language problems: difficulty finding the right words or forming sentences.
  • Repetitive questions or topics: asking the same information or talking about the same topics repeatedly, forgetting that it has already been discussed.
  • Feeling overwhelmed: feeling constantly overloaded with tasks, even when workload has not increased.
  • Lack of motivation: loss of interest in daily activities or hobbies.

What is bee milk?

It is also known as Royal Jelly, or the mother bee's nutritional milk. 

Royal Jelly is essentially a secretion from the glands of a carcass bee used to feed the larvae and adult queens, or queen bees.

The Royal Jelly has a sour-sweet taste. It has been established that dietary fibre contains over 20 amino acids, 10 of which are essential, and a number of B-group vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B8 and B12). C, D and E), abundant in nucleic acids, essential fatty acids and enzyme.

Royal jelly has a very broad spectrum of actions for humans - in particular, RJ has proven properties as a hormone supporter, brain tonic, anti-inflammatory, energy and libido booster.


9 good things about bee milk for improving memory and focus:

Natural approach

Bee milk capsules are specially formulated, the contents of the capsules have been pre-treated to make them more digestible, as bee milk is not easily absorbed by the body. The capsules are dosed with the right amount for convenient consumption.

Bees milk capsules

The most convenient way for you to consume it - capsules of bees' milk.

Well absorbed at the right dose.

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What to expect when consuming bee milk capsules?

  • You may notice an improvement in memory and focus within weeks of regular consumption of the capsules.
  • Noticeable increase in cognitive energy levels after regular consumption of royal jelly for a few weeks. This translates into increased alertness, better focus and reduced mental fatigue.
  • Nervous system and emotional stability as a whole can improve significantly within 3 months.

Bee milk - key to good memory and focus - scientifically proven

Scientific articles confirming the effects of bee milk in supporting brain function:


  • Allergic reactions: some people may be allergic to bee milk, which can cause allergic symptoms such as skin rash, itching, swelling or difficulty breathing. If you have a known allergy to pollen, you should be cautious when consuming bee milk.
  • Digestive upset: some people may experience digestive upset, such as diarrhoea or constipation, if they consume large amounts of bee milk.