Here you can see what our customers’ feedback is about the purchase in 2020-2022.
“How likely would you recommend our honey products and e-store shopping experience to your friend or colleague?”  Score 10 on the scale – (highly recommend) ; grade 1 (not recommended at all)


If you want to give advice or justify your assessment in a few sentences:

aiv***** was very good
kai***** It was very good honey.
pil***** The honey was delicious, thanks for the gifts. We will definitely order again.
aik***** Very fast and decent work.
lem***** The goods arrived quickly and were very well packed. Thank you and I recommend it to others.
vel***** Very healthy and good tasting.
pal***** Tatrames tasted good.
urm***** The products met expectations and a pleasant surprise included delicious buckwheat honey.
ber***** Быстрая доставка. Мед хороший и вкусный. They also gave a spoon and a branded bracelet as a gift 😁 thanks
ing***** Very good and soft honey. I will order more when stocks run out.
per***** Fast delivery, very tasty and high quality honey.
rii***** Very good honey, good price and convenient purchase, I am grateful
mar***** Very good honey and packaging (plastic jar with lid). Delivery is convenient and fast.
zan***** Very good honey. I will order again when it runs out. Thank you! Good luck and more sales to you 🙂
sil***** I like the taste of honey and I like the service. Thank you !
ama***** The website created trust and I am also very satisfied with the products.
jaa***** Mesi hää, the price is OK with such an offer, fast delivery. By the way, I recommended it to a friend a long time ago ;o)
mee***** Order fulfillment was very fast, and I could also change the delivery address after placing the order.
kat***** The honey is good, but the packaging is very poor. The glass jars were broken. You have to pack it properly, then everything is ok.
hel***** The honey is good and the e-shop works 🙂
rom***** Thank you for the gift.
rai***** The best e-store purchase! Just so pleasant that I have already recommended it to others. 👍☺
ann***** Good honey, fast delivery. Thank you, I recommend to friends.
ilm***** Do not send via DPD, it came in 3 days by Estonian post. Thank you, the honey is very good!
maa***** I’m a small honey consumer, but I like the taste of your honey, Heriti’s buckwheat honey is good.
ann***** Good product, arrived quickly. Adequate description of products online.
oie***** Quick post, I am very satisfied.
too***** Very fast delivery, gift extra bonus. I will definitely order again, the honey is great too ❤️
rau***** The honey tastes very good, as honey should be. The delivery was fast and the packaging was very good.
ela***** Precious honey. Fast delivery.
aiv***** The service is superb.
leo***** Good honey at a good price! The spoon as a gift was a pleasant surprise! Thanks!
tul***** Very nice textured and tasty honey!
egl***** Everything was great. I will definitely use the services of this e-shop in the future
jan***** The online store is simple and understandable, the product selection is excellent and the product itself is delicious. Honey has a very good taste. I got buckwheat honey with my last order to taste. I’d say it’s even tastier than regular honey. It seems that I found an Estonian honey producer who transports honey by mail. Strength and endurance, especially for mummies. I have already recommended and will continue to recommend your products.
ing***** Very satisfied with the honey, fast and pleasant service.
mig***** Very reasonable price and a very sweet surprise was added 🙂
kri***** Very good honey, very good service!
sig***** Convenient and fast delivery!
rai***** I am very satisfied with this service and also with the small gift that came with it 😉
sir***** Delivered quickly!
kaj***** Fast delivery and good honey. A small pleasant surprise made the mood even better.
mar***** The honey was nicely packed and came quickly. The surprise in the package also made me happy.
hei***** I am a fan of creamy honey, I would have liked to find more of it on the website:) But otherwise very good honey, thank you!
sir***** Fast delivery, lovely gift, delicious honey, beautiful packaging!
hel***** Good and fast service and a nice gift after the goods. Thanks!
jun***** Very fast order fulfillment!

I ordered in the morning and the goods arrived in the evening 🙂
kai***** A small misunderstanding was resolved quickly and communication by letter is pleasant and friendly. Thank you!
sir***** Domestic honey is the best. Thank you.
pil***** The shipment had a warm and personal approach. Honey is very good.
tul***** Fast service and very good honey
kai***** Very fast service!
lil***** Very fast delivery and good honey 🙂
kut***** Very fast delivery and very high quality goods!
kai***** Because the honey is of high quality and the delivery is fast. Thank you.
sig***** good product, fast service
mir***** with good taste and consistency. only the tare is a bit problematic, because the hand is small and it is difficult to grasp such a large lid! Good luck!
kir***** Always pleasant service. I really appreciate that it is possible to use a personal discount code even during the discount period! A small test jar of buckwheat honey was a bonus. It’s great, because that way we can try with our family to see if it suits us

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