Health benefits of bee products for various health problems

We have prepared health benefits of bee products fact sheets for the following conditions: Joint problems, rheumatism Menopausal symptoms, hormonal balance Bowel and digestive problems Yeast infections Antioxidant Hormonal balance Natural antibiotics Liver problems Focus and memory problems Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Prostate problems Helicobacter Candidiasis For a breastfeeding mother Papillomavirus Inflammatory conditions in the body […]

Bee Bread

Perga was used as a medicine and rejuvenating preparation in ancient Chinese and ancient Egyptian cultures, and was also used for healing by Hippocrates. Perga can be considered as a concentrated form of pollen, which: helps restore liver functions, is an effective treatment for anaemia, activates pancreatic insulin production reduces blood clotting, strengthens capillaries lowers […]

Propolis eliminates pain, kills bad bacteria and heals the body

Propolis heals wounds, prevents the development of several pathogens, relieves pain, is anti-allergic and has antitoxic and tissue regenerating properties. In folk medicine, propolis is used primarily for its antibacterial properties to relieve ailments of the nose, throat, ears, respiratory tract, prostate gland and others, as well as for anesthesia and disinfection. Propolis prevents the development […]

Royal jelly – a natural remedy for post-menopausal symptoms and age-related pathologies

Women’s life stages are based on their reproductive cycle. This cycle begins with menstruation and ends with menopause. Ageing is a natural phenomenon that affects all people and is linked to a general decline in the body’s function. In women, ageing is linked to and starts with menopause. There is also a higher risk of […]

Less known qualities of honey: use of honey as an allergy remedy

The allergy season that begins in February and lasts until August means uncomfortable symptoms for many people such as watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, stomachings, headaches and even breathing difficulties.  In Estonia, however, the season begins in March and the most common allergens are the flowers of the early flowering trees (alder, hazel, birch) , grass […]